Health Benefits

Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides you and your family with quick, confidential access to experienced professional counsellors and consultants who can help you resolve a broad range of personal and work-related concerns. There is no cost to use the benefit.

The program is provided through Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP).

In addition to counselling services, your EFAP also provides a variety of work/life services to help you manage your responsibilities and reach your goals. The program can help you achieve personal well-being, manage relationships and family, obtain legal and financial clarity, understand proper nutrition, address workplace challenges, and tackle addictions.

Support can be provided over the phone, in person, online, and through a variety of issue-based health and wellness resources.

Use of the EFAP and any information collected is completely confidential within the full limits of the law.  No one, including your employer or your union, will ever know that you or someone from your family has used the service unless you choose to tell them.

How to Access the EFAP

Contact FSEAP by calling the toll-free line: 1-800-667-0993

Identify yourself as a Member, or dependent of a Member, of the Pile Drivers Local 2404.

Your call will be answered live 24/7 by a representative [] who will ask a few questions in order to assess the level of support required to address your concerns. They will schedule you for the appropriate counselling, work/life service, or help you find specialized resources in your community.  They will also provide immediate crisis support as needed.

The EFAP also offers an online health and wellness resource library, which includes articles, newsletters, e-books, learning modules and links to web resources to help you deal with life’s challenges. Access these online resources at:
password: 2bwell

To learn more about services available to you, please refer to the Employee and Family Assistance Program section of the Health Benefits Plan Booklet.

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